About Brand RPM

You’re looking to outfit and market your company. Perhaps you need baseball uniforms for your high school team. Or maybe you need polos and computer bags for your sales team. Name it – anything you can put a logo on, you’ve come to the right place. This is Brand RPM – your solution for branded apparel, athletic outfitting, promotional items, and most importantly, getting you what you need, when you need it. Quality products, outstanding workmanship, superior customer service and a personalized experience each and every time. This is our mission, and our commitment to you.

Our Mission

We are Brand RPM. We are your source for branded apparel and promotional items. We are a team of employees working together towards common goals and shared success. We are committed to the happiness of our customers, the growth of our employees and the strengthening of our community. We are defined by three core values: Relationships, Performance, and Momentum.

We believe that relationships - both internal and external - are the heart of good business.

We believe that performance - as individual contributors and as a company - determines growth and success.

We believe that forward momentum - through innovation and excellence - will benefit our business, our customers and our community.

Our Vision

Brand RPM aspires to be your first choice when you want to share your brand through apparel and promotional items. We expect to establish Brand RPM as America's brand engagement leader because we offer quality products, impeccable work and first-class customer service. And we believe that our commitment to the happiness of our employees and our customers will drive Brand RPM to take the lead as the go-to company in the industry.


Your brand – and how you communicate it – says everything about you and your organization. We don’t take that lightly. We understand that the work we do is critical to your message, your organization and your success. And so, we make sure that we provide the best work, a variety of high-quality products, personalized customer service and end-to-end brand services that will address all of your needs.

Our services

  • Branded apparel from the world’s leading clothiers
  • Uniforms and team outfitting for teams, schools and entire leagues
  • Promotional items with your logo, to suit any budget
  • Web stores to fulfill the ongoing needs or your audience
  • Creative services to make it all look good
  • Marketing and branding services, from inception to implementation